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fav albums


Whats everyones favourite system of a down album and why?

No other reason for this post other than the fact that im really, really bored...
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  • 16 comments fave system album is probably either the self titled one or toxicity.

those albums just seem so raw and real...don't get me wrong..i love the others too...but the selftitled album and toxicity are just my absolute faves
Well, like anyone would say i love them all, the self titled i listen to more than any of them, and its funny cause it has a huge gash in it and somehow it still plays without skipping (though that didnt need to be included)

But toxicity is awesome because ATWA and Psycho i have live and are both amazing. Daron put a solo or some kind of mini solo into every song, yanno?

Lonely Day has the coolest guitar solo i think ( I dont know a lot about guitars, I play, but i just started in December, I dont know if its complicated but it sounds amazing)

Roulette is an awesome acoustic song. I used to air guitar to it, Hahahah, but now i can actually try to play it.

Long, sorry.
Steal this album. Why?
either the first one or toxicity...just because those albums are more on the heavy side...but i love them all
toxicity because it got me into the band and has a really awesome sound and it has meaning to it
Self titled: Shooogar!!

Also spiders, suite pee, know, darts, CUBErt...hell the whole album. I think I like it because while all the other albums have a bit of insanity to it this one is just completely off it's rocker.

it should be obvious to everyone that the best is the first and then next best would be as they came up to 2005. sure they got worse but not to the point where i hate them and dont know all the words. fav song defenetly the first one i heard which was chop suey. best best best song in the hole fucking planet.
Self titled because.
My fav is toxicity since it was the first album that got me into SOAD

Although Toxcicity is the first album I heard that got me into SOAD and ATWA is my all time fav song by them...Hypnotize is slowly pushing its way into my favorite category....
toxity and mezmerize.

damn. bottom line. the band rocks. it would take ages for me to describe everything i like about them....
Self titled. And then Toxicity then Steal.. then Mesmerize and then Hypnotize. I like them in order :P
Best song for me is Spiders.
Love it.
First album I heard (I think) was Toxicity and thats the first time I'd ever heard them. Been obsessed ever since
I would say I listen to Self Titled and Toxicity the most defenitly. I just like everything about those two cd's more. But yah I love them all.
Mezmerize&Hypnotize-my favorit albums! and lonely day my favorit song! Why? i dont knew...=)
Toxicity, because it was the first I ever listened to.
they're all good yea...such a diverse sound in every CD. S-T and Toxicity are heavier than the rest, while Steal seems more harmonious and melodic...but still maintaining the spastic sound and melt-your-face-off guitar rythms we love. and to tell the truth...they had to have been on some serious drugs for the new ones. i was rolling the other night and heard some shit i never heard while just smoking weed=/ but i think Hypnotize and S-T are the best out atm. i heard Chop Suey on the radio and that got me hooked. after that i was listening to underground shit and S-T. i was singing Marmalade and F#$K the system before alot of people knew the words to Chop Suey